Schizo Summer

31 Aug

I’ve been away so long I hardly know where to begin… It’s been kind of a schizophrenic summer–lovely, rich and sweet on one hand. Utterly frustrating and anxiety-producing on the other. The biggest drag (and the main reason for my AWOL status online) has been the fact that our trusty iMac bit the dust last month, [...]

Liberty and Tyranny

12 Jul

So we’re in the car and Hank has this little aircraft he’s made out of Legos and he starts repeating, “This plane’s gonna kill Coco.” “Mama, Henry’s gonna kill me!” wails the three-year-old. “Henry, please stop saying that or I’m going to have to take that toy away,” I say. “Why?  Just saying something doesn’t [...]

Midsummer Glory

1 Jul

I spend a lot of time bitching (to myself, to others, in this space) about the downsides of where I live (snotty suburbanites, tract housing…) but I must say it’s an absolutely gorgeous spot when it wants to be.  We’ve had a string of perfect sunny, dry days that are bringing to mind one of [...]

Little Fish

23 Jun

My sweet boy, who is about a month away from his sixth birthday, was a very energetic fetus. When he was in the womb, I’d look down at my belly and see him moving around in there like a little fish. It was a remarkably easy pregnancy until, at some point, my doctors determined we [...]

Mayonnaise and Cave Paintings

23 Jun

Hank’s on the local swim team this year, which is giving some much-needed structure to our summer.   Beyond turning my almost six-year-old into Michael Phelps, I’ve decided to stick with very small, manageable goals. We are on a budget as usual, and my plan is to maintain my sanity and have some fun on the [...]

Dilettante Dreams

16 Jun

I’d like to think that if I had a boatload of newfound free time, I’d have the best garden ever.  I don’t, unfortunately, think this would be the case. It’s kind of hard to admit this, but I’m not really a gardener–my heart isn’t really in it.  Gardening for me is almost entirely about the [...]

The Rest of the Story

9 Jun

We met in New York and had an affair in Bordeaux in the summer of 2001. Everyone I knew predicted it would end badly, and it did. We were both in the wine business, in France for a big trade show.  In my experience, June in southwestern France is kind of like heaven. The days [...]

High Heels on a Gravel Road

8 Jun

This weekend I will be leaving my lovelies and taking a bus to New York City where I will be attending what is sure to be a very posh wedding at a fancy hotel. The other evening, I was trying on some dresses from my old life while my husband was reading in bed.  He [...]

Six Word Memoir

2 Jun

This writing prompt from Mama Kat was right on time.  Six words are about all I can manage this week. Six Word Memoir: Write about a significant time in your life in just six words. There were tampons in his bathroom.

All About My Mother

26 May

Here’s a confession: sometimes I feel a little bit like an Almodovar heroine. Despite the title of this post (and despite the fact that I almost always feel like I’m on the verge of a nervous breakdown), the movie I’m actually thinking of right now is the 90s classic High Heels, where a neurotic daughter [...]