Champagne drinking, Russian novel reading, whole foods cooking, lawnmower pushing mama making peace with life in the exurbs.  Doing my thing in my little corner of the Blue Ridge, walking the line between crunchy and conventional, supermom and psycho mom.  I live with my family in a decrepit old farmhouse on one of the rare remaining bits of farmland in the DC exurbs (the rest having been turned into McMansions and big box stores) and drive a 90s clunker in the land of late model Escalades.

I love yoga, good wine, Eric Rohmer movies, Roxy Music on the treadmill, weekends in New York, Tolstoy, oh yeah and my husband and kids.  I hate half eaten bits of congealed food on the floor, aluminum siding, Disney, Stepford wives and helicopter moms.

For vintage musings, check out my old blog.