26 Jul

I gave birth to my sweet boy seven years ago today.  I’m pretty sure it was the hottest day of 2005.  Natalie Holloway was all over Fox News (I was in a daze and let Christian pick the channel). We were already TV free at home back then and drunk on trashy television and relief. We had had some unsettling early test results and an unnerving case of IUGR. (The doctors wanted to induce him at exactly 37 weeks but I had them push it back a few days to put us safely into Leo. Weird I know, but I don’t regret it.) Anyway, out he came–tiny and jaundiced but healthy and strong.  We were able to head home on schedule and didn’t look back.

So here we are on another steamy July 26th. My scrawny little newborn is now a big,  fearless, exuberant kid.  Our celebrations are unfortunately going to be pretty subdued this week. In keeping with this clusterfuck of a summer, they boy has a fever and we’ve had to reschedule his pool party. We’re crossing our fingers that he’ll be able to compete in his swim league’s all star meet this weekend.  He’s turning into a decent swimmer and has had an amazing season this summer.  I’m proud of his commitment and enthusiasm. He finally learned how to ride a two wheeler this summer and has been known to pick up a book and read for his own pleasure. That, of course, does not happen as often as his bookworm mama would like, but it’s progress.  We’re moving into the world of fart jokes and bb guns, but he’ll still sit through Max and Ruby with his sister. My own father always said he liked the odd years best–so here’s to seven!

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  1. Stasha October 4, 2012 at 3:03 am #

    Missing your musings. 7 is a big number. Hope you return to blogging before he turns 8 ;)

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